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February 2011

What types of emails should you be sending your customers?

Email Marketing is a proven method of communicating with customers, generating qualified website traffic, and keeping your business on top of mind. It is a great way to create brand loyalty and retaining customers who matter the most, the ones you already have.

Now, for the tricky part, what should you focus on when writing your email campaigns and newsletters.
The first step in developing a successful email strategy is determining your email mix. Before you get started with writing and designing your campaigns, it’s helpful to think through the different reasons you plan to contact your customers.
Here are a few examples of the type of emails you may want to send to your customers. 
Email Newsletters
One of the primary purposes of an email newsletter is to build upon the relationship you already have with your customers and keep them engaged with your business. Often these emails are not product related, but more focused on providing insight into a recent update to your business like a new employee, trade shows you attended, awards you received or sharing any interesting industry news. For example, if there is a craft fair coming up that you will be attending, it would be suitable to let your customer know through an email.  Once you have attended the fair you can add some information about how the fair went to your next newsletter. 
Catalog & Product Emails
Catalog and Product emails are relatively straight forward and self-explanatory. Essentially it is an email listing out some, if not all of, your products to encourage your customers to come back and purchase with you again. The best approach here can vary by product, however it is recommended to focus on just a few of your products to give them prominence. This can be done by simply listing out your products with some images and some brief text to get customers excited to click through to your website. 
Quick Announcements
Similar to a postcard, these are simple, brief announcements that can be focused on providing a quick update or even focused on showcasing one product. Often the email is very easy for the recipient to scan through and understand and has a very clear “Call to action” for what the customer should do next.

Having a mix of informative newsletters and promotional content will show your customers that your business is interested in keeping them up to date and abreast of any special deals for which they may want to take advantage. Having a diversified communication strategy will help keep your messages fresh, maintain your reader’s interest and discourage them from unsubscribing from your mailings because of repetitive content.

Using these examples, think about the types of things you want to communicate with to your customers about and on a regular basis work out a plan for what and when you want to send the emails out. Most email readers will only scan an email quickly before deciding to read on or delete, so it’s important to have a clear goal before contacting your customers.
By starting out with this approach your campaigns will be successful and keep your customers reading too!
Vistaprint offers internet marketing services for small businesses, with Email Marketing being one of them, if you interested you can find out more by about Email Marketing by clicking here

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