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Websites We Love: Inspiration
Websites We Love: Painting a Picture
Websites We Love: Showcasing Your Passion
Site Statistics Update
Websites We Love: Four Years Strong

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Websites We Love: Inspiration
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Websites We Love: Showcasing Your Passion


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May 2012

Websites We Love: Painting a Picture

This week, we asked our Vistaprint Internet Marketing Facebook community why their website was important to them, and we received a number of great comments. It was difficult to pick just one site to feature!

The winning site for this week was submitted by Donan Mendez. Donan writes that his site is an important educational tool, that helps spread the word about his business, Mendez Painting & Remodeling: "[The site] is a way our customers can learn about our services, photos samples and to get new customers," he writes.

We agree...the homepage's image gallery makes a statement, and the services and about us pages are informative, and a helpful resource for current and prospective customers alike. Congrats, Donan! 

Tell us why YOUR site is important!

Websites We Love: Showcasing Your Passion

Another week, another Website We Love! This week, we asked the Vistaprint Internet Marketing Facebook community about the best part of having their own Website. As always, we received a number of insightful comments and wonderful Websites, so choosing just one to feature here was a difficult task.

Today’s winner is Chris Burkstaller, who wrote that the best part of having a Website is expressing his love for teaching golf. We think Chris makes an important point — having a venue to showcase your business, passion or talent can be a vital benefit to having a Website.

We were also impressed with Chris’s flash intro, clever “Ask The Pro” section, and the testimonial videos highlighting
student swings. Congrats, Chris, on a site well done!

What about you? What is the best part about having your own Website?

Site Statistics Update

Many of our customers have been experiencing an issue with our site activity lately. Our team is currently investigating fixes for the problem, but the tool is fully functional and updates every four hours. We will be posting updates on this issue as they develop in the Self Help Forum.
Below are two helpful links to tips on what site stats are, and how you can use them:
Succeed with Site Statistics
This blog outlines the basics of site statistics, and defines such key components as “Page Views,” “Visitors” and “Search Engines” to name a few. 
How to Manage your Site Statistics
As an internet marketer, understanding and tracking your website activity is important. Why? You can use your customer metrics to do things like understand who your customers are, and identify what motivates them to come and visit your site in the first place. You can use these learnings to make improvements to your site to drive new visits, return visits, and ultimately sales. This blog will give you a few key tips on how to manage these stats for optimal results.
If you have additional questions on site statistics, please call customer support at 866.811.1674.

Websites We Love: Four Years Strong

Every Wednesday, we choose a Website We Love to feature here, on our blog, and on our Facebook page. This week, we asked our Facebook community how long they've had their site, and why they started it. As always, we received a number of great responses, but we had to pick just one!

The winning website comes from Raymond Bush, of Pittwater Mowing!
Raymond says he has had his site for four years, and the response has been positive: "The Website launched on a Sunday night and by Wednesday we had our first client! We now service 100+ homes in Sydney Australia." We thought the site was great overall, but were particularly impressed with the intro video, before and after shots and helpful, relevant educational
information. Congrats, Raymond!

What about you? How long have you had YOUR site...and why did you start it? Tell us in the comments section!

Websites We Love: Dreams Come True

This week, we received a HUGE Website We Love response!

We asked our Facebook community what three words would describe their site...and the comments were amazing! As always, it was difficult to choose just one to feature here, on our blog, and on our Facebook page, but in the end, we went with a site submitted by Amanda Leigh Boykin.

When it comes to describing her site in three words, she says Petal Pusher's Wreaths & Designs is a "dream come true." We loved that answer, and her site... especially the beautiful imagery, easy-to-shop homepage, informative blog, and numerous, detailed seasonal wreath categories (on display in the left-hand navigation). We think it's a site well done! Congrats, Amanda!

What about you? How would you describe your site in just three words?

Websites We Love: Navigation

This week, we asked the Vistaprint Internet Marketing Facebook community about what one word comes to mind first when thinking about their website. As usual, there were some amazing responses and Websites to choose from--which makes choosing just one difficult! In the end, we picked Jessica Peltz and Myst Mobile Spray Tanning as this week's Website We Love.

The word Jessica used to describe her site was "resourceful," and we think it's a word that highlights what we liked about the site well. We were impressed by the amount of information found on the site, and how well the navigation pointed to and explained specific services. Whether looking at Frequently Asked Questions or Scheduling An Appointment, the site is well organized, and easy for visitors to use. Congrats, Jessica!

What about you? What is the first word that comes to mind when you think about YOUR site?

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