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What’s new with your Vistaprint Internet Marketing Tools?

Hello folks,

Thanks for your continued support and following.  We really appreciate the engagement from all of you.  Your comments have been extremely important in keeping our products updated and fresh.  With some feedback we’ve received, we’d like to announce a few changes that you’ll see as you enter the builder to continue to work on your website.
One change you’ll see is an updated feature for PayPal.  For those of you that sell online, you can now offer discounted prices.
Use the following steps to start discounting your products:
     1. Access PayPal from the Extras dialogue
     2. Choose “Add a PayPal Shopping Cart”
     3. Enter the price of your product and a discounted amount
     4. Click next and check out the discounted price
If you’re selling something on your site, like a book, and normally charge $10.00 but want to discount it by $2.00, the product would appear like this:
You can update both new and existing products with this new feature.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, here’s some more information on how to set it up.  No matter how you update, this is a great way to show your customers that they can receive great products or services at a discounted price from your business!
Another feature we’ve added to our website extras is a Meta Tag editor.  You can access this through the Extras dialogue as well.
Meta Tags are HTML snippets that go inside the head element of your website.  To get your Google Site Verification meta tag, you must add your site to your Google account through Webmaster Tools.  By adding the code to your website, you are essentially verifying that you are the owner of your website
Lastly, we’ve created an Email Marketing survey to gather more feedback.  If you want to take the survey, you can access it from your Email Marketing dashboard.  There are some great questions in there and we’re really interested to hear what you think.  If you have a few minutes to take the survey, that would be awesome!

We hope that these new features make your website even better than it already is.  Also, we are continuously updating our products, so stay tuned for more articles in the coming weeks. Please feel free to share any feedback you have or thoughts for new features that you would like to see. 

Looking forward to your comments and thank you, for helping us make the tools better for you!

Start taking payments through your website in less than 30 minutes

You want to sell your products and services online. You want to save time by taking a payment over the Internet quickly and easily and you want site visitors to be able to donate to a local cause that you’re supporting.  But you have no idea if your site has that type of functionality, or even where to start.
Not to worry, it is actually very easy to get started taking payments online using PayPal. Paypal is one of the most widely used and most trusted forms of online payment, so if you are just getting into the e-commerce space this is a perfect place to start.
PayPal buttons - perfect for single payments
PayPal buttons are an easy way to take a single type of payment. PayPal allows you to create a button to add to your website which when clicked on will take the site visitor to the PayPal website with a specific item ready for checkout.
So for example, if you were selling handmade chocolates, you could configure the button with information about:
  • A description of the product you are selling - "My Handmade Chocolates (Box of 12)"
  • The price of the product - "$10.00"
  • The price for shipping the product - "$3.00"
  • Where the payment should be sent (your email address) - ""
  • Other optional information such as taxes, the product ID, handling charges, etc.
You can use buttons for selling a variety of different items or even for taking a donation.
PayPal shopping carts - useful for selling multiple items
PayPal buttons work well when you are only selling a small number of items, but if you are looking to sell more than that you should consider using a PayPal shopping cart. Shopping carts are an easy way for you to sell multiple items in one order. They allow you to configure a variety of different items with all of the same information as PayPal buttons do, but you can also associate a product image with the item and when the user checks out, they only pay once for all of their purchases.  Think about the cart you see on any e-commerce site, including Vistaprint. 
This makes it easy and simple for the online buyer.
PayPal is an easy way for anyone to get started selling products online and you can configure the shopping experience to meet the needs of your business very easily. You can get started using PayPal by signing up for a Vistaprint website and choosing the Professional package.
Good luck getting started with e-commerce!

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