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Websites We Love: Inspiration
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Seven Simple Tips for Going Mobile

Whether it’s at work, a restaurant or the gym, it seems as though iPhonesAndroids  and iPads  are everywhere. According to Digital Buzz, that’s not very far from the truth; in fact, mobile devices are fast becoming the most popular way  to access the Web. But what is the difference between a standard website and a mobile site? The easy answer is accessibility. Imagine trying to fit everything on your home page onto your phone’s screen. Not pretty, right? It would be overcrowded, difficult to read, and even harder to navigate. Mobile sites can alleviate those usability issues, reduce load time and, perhaps most importantly, make it super-simple for users to contact you while they’re on the go. And now, you can set up a mobile site through Vistaprint!
Small Tips, Big Benefits
Setting up a mobile site isn’t as difficult as you might think, and following the tactics below can help you — and your customers — get the most out of your mobile site.
  • Make it useful. A customer is probably accessing your business’s site from a mobile device because he or she wants to get in touch with you…what he or she doesn’t want to do is navigate through a number of pages before finding out how to reach you. Keep the info your visitors are looking for on the home page, at their fingertips, and make sure it’s easy to read and click.
    Hint: Try adding a prominent “Contact Us”button.
  • Stick with easy navigation.Large font, big buttons and short sentences can help make your mobile site easier to navigate. Forcing visitors to work hard to view info will likely cause them to give up, and move on. A major advantage of mobile sites is that they’re formatted to mobile devices, so everything is larger, but contained within a specific width so users won’t have to scroll to find their way through your site.
    Hint: Check out your mobile site on an actual mobile device…if you find it difficult to navigate, imagine how visitors will feel!
  • Keep it simple. Remember, on a mobile device, viewers are likely interested in learning about your products, finding directions or getting in touch with you. And while you want your site to be informative, too much info will give your visitors more pages to sift through before they get to their desired destination.
    Hint: If you think you’ve added too much content, chances are you have. Think about consolidating it through the use of bullet points.
  • Speed it up. Tons of images, videos and unnecessary content can make your mobile site’s load time far too long.
    Hint: Save the flashy stuff for your main website! You don’t need to trash all the bells and whistles you love, just think mobile = minimal.
  • Proofread. Performing simple checks, such as confirming your phone number is accurate and verifying that your address is up-to-date, will pay off in the long run…and make for happier customers.
    Hint: Don’t forget to spell- and grammar-check. Knowing the difference between “you’re” and “your” can go a long way.
  • Publish your hours of operation. Although it might seem obvious, forgetting to publish and update your store hours is a common mistake. Remember, users will likely be looking at your site when they’re on the go, or when they’re looking to contact you; inaccurate hours can mean a missed business opportunity.
    Hint: Be sure to keep this info front and center, along with your phone number.
  • Get social! Adding social media buttons to your site so you can communicate with users in the social space is key.

    Hint: No need to add every social site on the Internet — Facebook and Twitter is a good place to start.
Don’t forget to check out our website, where in just a few steps, you can now set up your own mobile site!

Adding Social Media Widgets

One question we get a lot is,“How can
I add social media buttons to my
Vistaprint website or email marketing campaign?” And the answer is: It’s easy! (Not to mention a great way for customers to share your content with their contacts, and grow your business.)

The Basics
So what are social media
widgets, anyway? If you’ve ever browsed the Web (which we are assuming you have) chances are, you’ve come across these handy applications on a number of occasions, and you might have even used them. Widgets are buttons that can be added to your website, email marketing campaign, blog or social media page; you can use widgets from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to engage your site’s visitors, to increase brand awareness and attract more customers. You can checkout examples on sites such as, and even right here on our blog to see how these versatile buttons are typically used.
How do I add them to my site?
Incorporating widgets is a simple process, with just a few steps once you’re logged in:

1. Go to your “Extras” menu in the Site Builder.
2. Click the “Add Social Media” icon.
3. Select the type of social media you’d like to add to your website. You can choose among “Like” and “Share” buttons from Facebook, Twitter extras like “Follow” and “Tweet” or a host of other social media widgets.
4. Once you choose the widget you want, set up the options for the given widget, and add it to your Website or Email Marketing Campaign!

Hopefully this quick how-to inspires you to get social with your site or campaign! Do you think you’ll be socializing your site or campaign anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section!

Social Media Engagement Survey-25% Discount with Free Shipping

In September 2010, we launched a Social Media Initiative with the goal/intent of engaging with you, our valued customers, to provide insight and learning materials to help you get started with growing your business online. Over that time we have interacted and had great conversations with many of you on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Now, six months into the initiative, we would love to hear your thoughts on our use of social media. We would really appreciate your support if you could spend the next three to five minutes to answer a few questions in this survey. There is also a little prize at the end of a 25% Vistaprint site wide discount with 7 day free shipping! Start Survey by clicking here now! 
We really appreciate any feedback you have, feel free to also make any comments in the comments section below.

Adding Facebook and Twitter badges/buttons to your website

Due to a number of questions on our Blog, Facebook and twitter this week we have put together some instructions for how to add both facebook and twitter badges to your website.

This can been done in two different ways: The first Option uses the images extra in the website builder, and the second uses the HTML extra that comes with the Advanced Design Tools upgrade.  See which one best suits your needs.
Option 1: Using Images and Links

Step 1: Save the image you want to use into a folder on your computer.
Step 2: Log into the Website Builder and click on Images at the top of the toolbar under “Insert” tools.

Step 3:
Once the image up loader pops up, click on browse to add the image from your files.
Step 4:  When you see the image loaded into the Website Builder, “Right Click” on the image and you will see “Link” as the top option on the menu. Click on the “Link” option.
Step 5: Grab the URL (website address) you want to link the image too. Do this by going to the respective page (Facebook or Twitter) and copying the URL.
Step 6: Go back into the website builder and select the option “Link to another page on the web” and paste or type the URL into the text box and click ok.
Option 2: Pasting HTML

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook and twitter accounts to get the badge HTML code.

FB 1: Log into your account and open up your business Facebook page.
FB 2: Click on Edit Page and on the lower right side of the page click on the link “Get your Badge” or click here to go straight to the Facebook Badges page. On, you can choose which type of badge you’d like to use . You’ll be prompted with what you’d like to use the HTML text for.  Select “Other” and you’ll be provided the text to copy and paste into the website builder
FB 3: Select the type of badge you want to create

FB 4:
Customize the size and how you want it to look on your site.
FB 5: Click "Get Code" and copy the iframe code from the text box.
See step 2 for adding it to your site
T 1: Log into your twitter account
T 2: Click on the settings tab at the top of the page.
T 3: Once your settings page is open scroll down to the Footer where you will see the links specific to twitter like “About Us” “Contact”, the one you want to click on is “Goodies”. The Goodies ( page will bring you to the twitter "Buttons and Widget Page".
T 4: Select the type of button for your website and you will then be prompted to select the actual image to display on the page. Select an image that you like best. 
T 5: To get the HTML code for the button you need to click on the image and copy the HTML code displayed above the image.
It will look like this: 

Now see step 2 to add it to your site.
Step 2: Adding the image to your site using the HTML Extra feature in the site builder
SB 1: Log into your Vistaprint Website Builder
SB 2: Click on the “Extra” button then select the “Add HTML” feature
SB 3: Add the HTML code from Facebook or twitter into the text box by pasting it, then click done.
SB 4: This will bring the image onto your site and all you need to do now is place it where it looks best!
SB 5: Hit publish and your customers will be liking on Facebook and tweeting you on Twitter in no time!!
For people who have Advanced Design Tools (a website upgrade feature) you have the ability to add HTML using option 1 and 2. For people without Advanced Design Tools you can use option 1 or for a small fee upgrade to Advanced Design Tools
Hope this helps you getting the Facebook and twitter badges on your site! Feel free to share your success once you have added badges to your site, on Facebook, Twitter and the Vistaprint Internet Marketing Blog

Website Builder provided by  Vistaprint