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Websites We Love: Inspiration
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Websites We Love: Showcasing Your Passion


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Websites We Love: Making Music

We had a record number of submissions (over 70 and counting at press time!) for Websites We Love on our Facebook page this week, and it was, as usual, very difficult for us to choose just one winner. We asked our Internet Marketing Community on Facebook to sum up their site in just one word. The winner, Wave Acoustic Duo, said that their site could be described with the word "musicians"--and with good reason. Their site is dedicated to featuring the duo's music and performances.

We're big fans of the cool intro video, which showcases the duo performing in front of an audience, and the great demos of new music, also featured on the home page. In addition, the handy contact/bookings form, and prominent social media widgets make it simple for potential customers to get in touch. Congrats, Wave Acoustic Duo!

What about you? What do you highlight on your site to set yourself apart from the competition? Tell us in the comments section.

Quick Tips: Above The Fold

You might have read our blog about how, when it comes to your website, 80% of eye traffic is “above the fold.” Here, we’ll provide you with quick tips on the three aspects of your site to focus on for optimal ocular attention:

Star of the Show

Your page’s headline is crucial — and is likely the first thing someone will see when they land on your page. It might sound obvious, but it’s incredibly important to include your business name and logo in this space, so it’s always top of mind for your site’s visitors. And remember: Design choice also factors into your headline space! For one, check that this space isn’t cluttered. Too much information can detract from your name. Also make sure the colors you pick for your logo and website complement each other, are easy to read, and make your headline visible.  

Call to Action
Take a few moments to think about WHY you have a Website. Is there something that you want to make sure people do once they’re on your site? Maybe it’s to order a product. Or read your blog. Or even to get directions to your storefront. Whatever the action is, ensuring that it’s in a prominent location, with easy-to-read text can do wonders for follow-through. You’ll also need to think of what this call to action says. Our hint? Keep it simple! If your goal is for people to contact you for more information, a quick “Contact Us!” is perfect.

Get Social
If you’re hoping to connect with your visitors (and you should be!) one of the best ways to do so is through Social Media. Make sure your buttons to Like, Follow and more are placed prominently enough for anyone who visits your site to see.

These are just a few tips we think will help! Do you have any to add? Tell us in the comments section!

Adding Social Media Widgets

One question we get a lot is,“How can
I add social media buttons to my
Vistaprint website or email marketing campaign?” And the answer is: It’s easy! (Not to mention a great way for customers to share your content with their contacts, and grow your business.)

The Basics
So what are social media
widgets, anyway? If you’ve ever browsed the Web (which we are assuming you have) chances are, you’ve come across these handy applications on a number of occasions, and you might have even used them. Widgets are buttons that can be added to your website, email marketing campaign, blog or social media page; you can use widgets from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to engage your site’s visitors, to increase brand awareness and attract more customers. You can checkout examples on sites such as, and even right here on our blog to see how these versatile buttons are typically used.
How do I add them to my site?
Incorporating widgets is a simple process, with just a few steps once you’re logged in:

1. Go to your “Extras” menu in the Site Builder.
2. Click the “Add Social Media” icon.
3. Select the type of social media you’d like to add to your website. You can choose among “Like” and “Share” buttons from Facebook, Twitter extras like “Follow” and “Tweet” or a host of other social media widgets.
4. Once you choose the widget you want, set up the options for the given widget, and add it to your Website or Email Marketing Campaign!

Hopefully this quick how-to inspires you to get social with your site or campaign! Do you think you’ll be socializing your site or campaign anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section!

Consider These Extras to Boost Your Website Activity

I wanted to look at Vistaprint’s website users’ favorite features to keep visitors engaged.  In addition to the text and general info that you share on your site, here are tools I’d suggest using based on what’s succeeded for other businesses like yours: 

Get the word out with Social Media
Make it easy for visitors to spread the word about your business to their friends by adding social media links to your website.  We have lots of options to get you connected. 
A “Like” button allows visitors to interact with your site, or a “Share” button enables users to share your website on their Facebook Wall and Newsfeed.
If you make updates through Facebook or Twitter for your business, I’d suggest adding the Facebook or Twitter Feed.  This option automatically adds your posts to your website, keeping your content fresh and updated which search engines like Google® tend to reward with higher rankings.  
Here you can find more information if you’re just starting out with Social Media: Social Media and Your Business.
Don’t Just Say It, Show It with an Image

We’ve all heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and it’s something all website owners should consider. Businesses can showcase their entire product lines, special events and staff.  Add just one photo or entire photo galleries with captions.
Add a Little Action with Videos
Videos can really spice up your site and intrigue your site visitors to learn more about you or your business. You may consider a product demonstration or customer testimonials to personalize online visits.  If you have a personal website, post clips of your wedding, baby milestones, celebrations or just funny videos you want to share with friends and family.
Pin-Point Yourself with a Map
Visualizing where customers can find you reminds clientele that you are local and easy to reach.   The maps feature also offers a link for Driving Directions to your location so customers can get to you quickly.
Gather Visitor Information with a Form

Forms provide a convenient way for customers to contact you 24/7.  I’ve also seen many Vistaprint customers customize forms for things like quote requests and job postings with their own titles and dropdown or radio buttons.  See the Connect with Customers with Forms  article for more on how to maximize your forms.
Sell Your Products with PayPal®
Purchases are the lifeline to any business, so why not let your customers buy or donate through your website with PayPal®?  If you’re new to PayPal please check out our September post: Start Taking Payments Through PayPal in Less Than 30 Minutes.
Set the Tone with Music
Music can help to convey the tone of your website. You may want to play your company jingle to reinforce your marketing message, a non-profit organization or social awareness campaign may choose a poignant song to evoke emotion, or you may want to simply play all of your favorites on your different web pages. There’s only one rule when it comes to song selection – make sure it complements the content of your website.
These favorites can be added from the “Extras” button on your Site Builder’s toolbar.  Please let us know what your favorite Extras are, or other features you’re interested in.

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